One stop shop in structured products

SPINTER provides professional investors access to first grade structured products, including small sizes. The platform is independent, multi issuer and supports a wide range of asset classes in primairy and secondary market.

Reasons for SPINTER :

Small sizes

For the first time you find a wide choice in products in small sizes (10k-50k) with guarantee in one place on the SPINTER platform. They allow you to optimize the risk-return balance and solve many extra risks like correlation and diversification that small portfolios have.

Quantity = Quality

The perfect solution for a client often requires 3-5 million minimum. Difficult for one client normally but not for SPINTER plus network. With joint effort you achieve both customer satisfaction and increased product quality as various structurers quote a price and the better product for the best price is chosen. Both structurers and clients profit from this cooperation.

Secondary market

Trading with capital guaranteed products improves portfolio flexibility and profitability. Coupon products or products close to maturity with upward potential and limited downward risk make interesting tools to improve cash flows and returns without disturbing the risk balance.

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